Welcome to the redeisgned MTGPlaytest!

Some new features on the site to look for:

  1. A new proxy printer that doesn't require you to make a deck to print proxies
  2. Multiple search views to make finding cards easier
  3. An improved visual deck editor with more sorting options
  4. A responsive design that scales for mobile devices (still a work in progress for mobile phones)
  5. Better searching options power/toughness and more
  6. Decks stay private until they have enough cards to playtest, so you won't accidentally playtest a deck with 10 cards in it

Coming features

  1. A messaging system between members
  2. Card tagging, making it easier to find the right cards
  3. A complete rework of the playtesting with EDH/Commander options
  4. Articles (We may be looking to some of you to help with some of these)

I'm sure we've missed some things, so please feel free to contact us with suggestions, opinions, recipes, or questions.

Happy playtesting,